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We would love the opportunity to discuss your SEO requirements and dive in to strategy mode if in fact it is SEO that is the right service for your business. All of our highly trained SEO consultants are based in our Dubai office which is in Jumeriah Lake Towers. Our consultants offer 30 minutes of their time to provide free advice and love nothing more than talking to Marketing people and Business owners across Dubai and the UAE.


USEO’s Online Arabic Marketing service is intended to help clients create and maintain a strong Arabic presence online, and reach out better to the Arabic population in the UAE, the Middle East region, and even across the globe.

Launched in 2016, the service is the first to penetrate an untapped market in the region – there are approximately 50 million internet users who use the Arabic language for their online searches, and 54 percent of Google searches in the MENA region were in Arabic.

However, despite the huge demand for Arabic content, it has seen little growth and visibility over the years – and that is the need that USEO aims to meet through our comprehensive online Arabic marketing solutions.

Gain access to Arabic platforms

Having an optimised Arabic website makes your business and brand visible in high-traffic platforms and websites that specifically cater to the Arab people, such as news portals, business listings, or online forums.

In addition, the Arabic version of Google produces different search results from its English counterpart, as the former tends to prioritize websites that have Arabic content over English-based websites.

Mohammed Baset, head of USEO’s Arabic Department, says an English digital marketing campaign allows you to reach only 10 to 15 percent of the Arab population, whereas Arabic Marketing enables you to access the 85 percent of people who prefer using Arabic websites and platforms.


A complete integrated approach

USEO offers a complete suite of Arabic marketing services, which include translation, content writing, website design and development, social media, and Arabic SEO and AdWords.

By providing a full range of value-driven Arabic Marketing solutions, we’re able to offer cost-effective service packages that are tailored to meet unique business needs and are aligned with our clients’ objectives.

Cost-efficient and value driven

When it comes to cost, Arabic Marketing generally involves lower monthly investments but generate high results and a potential 1,050 percent average ROI, compared with English campaigns. Furthermore, as we have highlighted in our previous blog, an average monthly investment in Arabic SEO can give you up to 550 unique website visits, while monthly investment in Arabic PPC can give you approximately 5,090 unique sessions.



Short-term and long-term results

Upon implementing an online Arabic marketing strategy, we have seen clients experience immediate results, such as better website traffic, higher number of inquiries and leads, and ultimately, improved sales and more Arabic customers.

Digital Arabic Marketing also gives clients the opportunity to build their business and brand in local and international markets, specifically within Dubai and UAE, and across other GCC countries. Our service can be adapted to the specific requirements of your business, whether it’s a restaurant, school, nursery or a legal firm.

Our Arabic Marketing Team

Our Digital Arabic Marketing team is composed of industry experts who provide high level service and care to each and every client. We have dedicated Sales Executives and Account Managers who are thoroughly involved in each project, striving to understand a client’s needs and taking the time to listen to their expectations, goals, and challenges. This personalised approach enables our team to provide the best solution, whether it’s building more links, changing the design of your Arabic website, or diversifying your Arabic ads on Google.



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