Avoid website woes with the best web maintenance company in Dubai. What’s worse than a poorly maintained website? Well, a few things, but in terms of upsetting customers and Google, it’s a pretty big no-no. To ensure problems don’t pile up, you’ve got to maintain your website regularly, sorting out minor problems and putting things in place to prevent big problems from striking. But you’ve probably got plenty of better things to do, so why not let our crack squad of experts take the strain for you?

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Website Maintenance Dubai - Our Services

Our website maintenance service is all encompassing, covering all aspects of your website’s health. We’ll check out all pages are working properly, keep on top of your security, sort any problems with your hosting, update any themes or plugins you’re using, check images are working, and much more. What we’re saying is this: if there’s something needed to ensure proper maintenance, we’ll jump straight on it.

And if something gets past our hefty maintenance efforts? Well, we’ll sort it without fuss. And it doesn’t matter what the problem is, as our team of experts has the combined knowledge to tackle anything. You can treat us like your own personal emergency backup, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to get things back under control. Kind of like less dynamic versions of your favorite superheroes.

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?

You might think you can carry out website maintenance yourself. But do you really know what it takes to keep your website safe and secure 24/7? And do you know how to organize and implement updates for all aspects of your website? And even if you do know how to maintain your site, do you really have the free time to spend hours maintaining everything – couldn’t you be doing something far more profitable instead?

When you opt for our Dubai website support services, you can be completely sure that your website will always remain updated. What’s more, using us will free you up for other jobs, making best use of your undoubtedly considerable talents. You can’t do everything, so let us step in and take all website maintenance worries off your hands. 

Your Security is Our Priority

Of all maintenance jobs, website security in Dubai is our number one priority. You’ve heard the horror stories – websites being hacked, sensitive customer data being stolen – and often this could have been prevented via thorough maintenance. We know what it takes to keep a website safe, and we’ll use our knowledge to not only implement the perfect set of security solutions, but then constantly check them, to ensure they’re never vulnerable to exploitation.

We’ll carry out a whole range of checks and maintenance when it comes to your site’s security. We’ll check for vulnerabilities, update security plugins and extensions, and generally use our intuition to sniff out issues. The result? Your customers can be secure in the fact that their details are meticulously cared for – and you won’t have to run any expensive PR campaigns to rescue your reputation after a security breach.


Contract or Ad-Hoc Maintenance

We offer two types of maintenance: contracted or ad-hoc. Most choose to set up a contract, which sees us maintaining their website throughout the month and reacting to problems straight away – often before the website owner has even noticed. This is our recommended option for most websites, as it ensures complete coverage, without any gaps.

But if you do just want occasional maintenance – perhaps a yearly audit of your site’s health, for example – we do also offer ad hoc maintenance services. Just tell us what your concerns are and what you need, and we’ll get to work, getting your site ship-shape and letting you know a few secrets about how you can keep your website safe, secure, and well looked after in the period between our maintenance checks.

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We’ve said it loads of times, but we’ll say it again: you must keep on top of your website maintenance! It’s the only way to prevent problems before they happen and is particularly important to prevent your customers’ personal details from going AWOL. But you don’t need to take time off every month to carry out maintenance – we’ll do it for you! To work out a plan, or to simply chat more about website maintenance, drop us a message at or phone us on +971 4 442 6518.

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