Facebook marketing Dubai: It's not a chore, It's a game changer! yes, we know – for some, Facebook marketing is a chore. But for a large slice of society, Facebook is everything – entertainment, information, advice, and more. So as a business, you’ve got to be leveraging its power. Get it right and you could see giant leaps in your reach and overall bottom line, making acknowledging Facebook’s existence a worthwhile move.

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Why You Should Use Facebook Advertising Dubai

Facebook is used by an unbelievable three billion people worldwide – that’s over a third of the world’s population. And no business, regardless of its size, can afford to ignore a slice of the market this large. Facebook is also the world’s third most visited website, and users spend, on average, 19.7 hours on the website or app every month. And with paid Facebook ads having an average ROI of 152%, not using the platform is tantamount to a dereliction of your duties.

Yes, Facebook is annoying for many, but here’s our advice: suck it up and accept that Facebook is here to stay. In fact, it’s now an intrinsic aspect of society. So, get with the program or prepare to fail. The other option is to outsource everything to a social media professional – that would be us – and let us deal with the everyday management of Facebook. Not having to deal with Facebook but still lapping up the platform’s benefits? That’s a definite win-win for you.

Organic Facebook Marketing UAE

As with standard online marketing, you’ll find both organic and paid marketing options at Facebook. Organic Facebook marketing involves creating posts – which could be text, image-based, or even videos – and then doing everything you can to spread that post far and wide, without spending any of your advertising budget. And there are two keys to this. The first is to have a large following on the platform – something that you can gather by regularly posting great content and actively encouraging all customers to follow your brand.

The other key is the creation of fantastic content that people really want to see. This often means professionally created content from copywriters or videographers that targets the exact demographic of your customer base – unless your customer base is cat lovers. We really don’t ever need any more cat content online. As you’ll probably guess, we can keep that quality content flowing for you, building your audience steadily.

Paid Marketing on Facebook

Organic marketing can take a while to start showing results, which is why many also turn to paid Facebook marketing. This can come in many forms, from image ads to boosted posts and, like all other types of advertising, the goal is to spend as little as possible while still gaining optimal results. But Facebook advertising isn’t simple – unless you know what you’re doing, of course. Get it wrong and you’ll drain your budget quickly.

But if you can do Facebook advertising properly, you can see exceptional returns. The ROI of paid Facebook ads comes in at around 152%, which is certainly impressive, and researchers have calculated that Facebook offers the second highest ROI of all major social media networks – Instagram (we also offer Instagram marketing, if you’re wondering) is top, but only marginally. When you consider the figures, paid advertising on Facebook is nearly always worth the hassle.

Is Facebook Enough?

Nowadays, humanity seems to be sprouting a new social media platform weekly – or changing their names to something ridiculous (that’s aimed at you, Elon). So, can you just stick to Facebook, or do you need to branch out and consider other platforms too? Well, unfortunately for social media haters, no, Facebook alone isn’t enough. You need to think about Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and more. Don’t forget about YouTube and TikTok too.

But the good news is you don’t need to use them all – the ones you choose depend entirely on your business. For example, a product targeted towards teenagers is unlikely to gain many clicks if advertised on LinkedIn. We’ve got the social media nous to know which platforms you should use, and which to ignore. Just drop us an email and we’ll let you know which platforms your business should be targeting. Oh, and we can also manage all your other social media channels too.



Facebook advertising offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to engage with their target audience, boost brand awareness, and drive conversions. With a vast potential reach and regular updates of new features, investing in Facebook marketing is definitely worth it.

The challenge associated with organic Facebook marketing is maintaining consistent engagement levels due to the ever-changing algorithm of Facebook. Additionally, because it is unpaid, organic marketing can take longer to reach an intended audience. Finally, brands must remain vigilant and mindful of current trends to ensure their content remains relevant and resonates with followers.

Organic Facebook marketing allows brands to display character and identity on their own terms without adhering to budget constraints. It also allows them to interact with followers, potential customers, and returning customers all in one place. Additionally, they can use it as part of their overall marketing strategy by reaching current page followers.

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