Sidestep the SEO slip-ups with our SEO training in Dubai DIY SEO: surely that’s a disaster waiting to happen? Well, if not done properly, it can be more than a disaster, becoming the catalyst for a downturn in visitors, and thus a downturn in sales. But if you do it properly? It can be a cost-effective way to conduct digital marketing. And the way to do it properly is via effective Search Engine Optimization training Dubai – something we offer online or in-person to anyone looking to push their business forward.

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What Does SEO Training Offer?

SEO training can be tailored to suit your exact situation. Perhaps you’d just like some additional help understanding the technical side of SEO? Or maybe you want to know how to enhance your content more effectively? Or perhaps you have absolutely no idea about SEO, and want to go from zero to hero with a set of lessons on SEO. What’s more, the SEO training offered at USEO can be one-on-one or delivered to a group. Basically, you tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Will SEO training make you a bone-fide expert in the art? Well, no, it won’t, unless you want to spend years studying, just like our crew of SEO supremos. But it will allow you to manage the day-to-day running of your SEO campaign. And if you get stuck somewhere along the line, just give us a call and we can set you back on course.


DIY SEO: A Good Idea?

DIY anything can be a disaster – watch enough YouTube fail videos and you’ll realize that quickly (they’re pretty funny, so definitely put aside 30 minutes to check them out). And we would never recommend anyone touches their SEO without first knowing what they’re doing. But with the right training and guidance, anyone can become an effective part of the SEO machine – but we emphasize the right training. Because training from other so-called SEO gurus can cause more harm than good.

You see, we’re not going to pretend you’ll be an SEO expert overnight. In fact, we know you probably won’t ever become an expert, and that you have no interest in being one. But that’s not what we’re offering. We’re instead looking to give you insights into the process, so you can save some cash in the long run and conduct certain aspects of your own SEO campaigns.


Onsite SEO Training Dubai

Onsite SEO is a topic that encompasses a gigantic range of skills. But when we’re looking at it with you, we’ll begin by focusing on keyword research and incorporating these keywords into your content seamlessly. And by doing so, you’ll be signalling to Google (and the other search engines no-one really cares about) exactly what your content is about. We’ll uses several tools for this, and we’ll let you know what you’ll need before the teaching starts.

Onsite SEO is where we’d recommend you start if you’re coming at SEO as a complete newbie. It’s the easiest aspect of SEO to understand, but can also make a huge difference to your website’s rankings. And our onsite SEO course isn’t just for English speakers – we also offer onsite SEO training in Arabic too.


Technical SEO Training Dubai

Technical SEO is the darkest of the SEO arts, and the most difficult to understand. We’ll take you through the basics at a pace suitable for you, looking at simple ways you can improve the technical SEO of your site, through techniques such as image resizing, fixing broken links, and designing clean URLs. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we can then push forward and look at more complex aspects of technical SEO. Topics could include server-side optimization to improve site speed, canonical tags, and XML sitemaps.

Our technical SEO training is perfect for anyone with basic SEO knowledge who wants to level up their skills. Match your newly acquired knowledge of technical SEO with your existing onsite and offsite SEO skills, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with, ready to smash the rankings and become a major name within your industry.


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Are you stuck in a rut, fed up with using YouTube to learn about SEO? We offer the chance to learn with a real SEO expert, face-to-face. And after just one lesson, you’ll already be confident enough to take on some aspects of SEO for yourself. Why not chat to one of our SEO experts today and see what our training can do for you? Just call +971 4 442 6518 or email

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