Google won't bite! trust the best SEO migration services in Dubai like wildebeest migrating through the croc-infested rivers of the Masai Mara, a website migration is a seriously concerning time for anyone assigned to watch the SEO. Just one wrong turn could see your website’s SEO tanking, falling prey to the ultimate predator that is Google. But our Dubai SEO migration experts know the best routes to take, so if you’re migrating your website, let us in on the action. You’ll then make it to the other side unscathed.

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What is a Website SEO Migration?

A website migration is a gigantic undertaking. You’re transferring your entire website from one domain to another, much like moving business premises. But when you do this, you’re taking a giant risk, as your new website might not get the same love from Google as the old. It’s down to you to ensure you do everything right to stop the migration from having any negative impact on visitor numbers and rankings.

Luckily for you, there are oodles of ways to mitigate against any potential damage from a website migration. But they’re not simple, and certainly not something an SEO newbie can handle with any confidence. And you probably know where this is going… That’s right, we know exactly how to manage a website SEO transfer in Dubai while ensuring your rankings don’t take a hit. In fact, when all the dust settles, you might even rank higher than ever before!

What Are the Risks of Migrating Your Website?

The disruption of the user experience. Analytics tracking issues. Website downtime. They’re all problems you need to consider, but the number one concern should be the effect a migration has on your SEO. Years of great SEO work can be thrown in the trash if a migration is done badly, sending your visitor numbers tumbling and ultimately destroying the money your business is making.

SEO-wise, you’ll need to look out for plenty of things. Is your new content optimized as effectively as the old? Have you done everything necessary to limit broken internal and external links? Have you implemented redirects correctly? There are a heck of a lot of factors to consider, and it’s really easy to miss something and end up dropping down the rankings. Can you really risk the consequences of not working alongside a knowledgeable bunch of SEO professionals when migrating your website?


Pre-Migration Process

Preparation is key with website migration. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail – it’s a tired cliché, but also incredibly on-point in this context. First, you need to really consider whether migration is worth it. If it is, it’s then time to note down a complete list of all URLs – something software like Screaming Frog (yep, that really is its name) can do – before then noting down your pre-migration analytics. And then there are a million and one other things to do – you should see the size of the checklist we use. 

Next comes the testing. And more testing. And even more testing. You need to test over and over again, until you’ve ironed out every conceivable problem. And once the problems have been sorted? Do a little more testing, just to make sure. It’s then time to carry out that migration – perhaps all at once, or perhaps in phases – and watch those metrics like hawks. We would also say cross your fingers at this point, but that’s not necessary when you work with the SEO pros here at USEO.


Additional SEO Services

So, you’ve nailed your SEO migration. Great job, pats on the back all round. But now you’ve got to get back on it and start driving the new URL forward, up the rankings. And you won’t be surprised to hear that we offer an unbeatable SEO service, guaranteed to get the kind of results to make shareholders smile. Whether it’s onsite, offsite, or technical SEO help you need, we’re the people to turn to.

A migration often comes with a complete rebranding, and this is also where we can give you a helping hand. Then there’s our team of crack website designers, ready to create your perfect new website – with the input of our SEO and UX experts. And we’re also pretty darn hot at social media, PPC, link acquisition, and anything else even remotely associated with digital marketing.


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