Kick your SEO game up a notch with our SEO audit services in Dubai. The word ‘audit’ can send even the most relaxed of managers into a quivering heap of nerves. But don’t worry, we’re not here to look through your books and judge your performance. Instead, we’re here to take a long, hard look through the SEO at your site, and to then make insightful recommendations on how you can improve. After we’ve run a website SEO analysis in Dubai on your website, you’ll have a clear plan on how to move forward with your SEO endeavors. It’s really pretty simple!

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What is a Website SEO Audit?

A website SEO audit is an all-encompassing deep dive into your business’s SEO efforts. It’s a long process, carried out by a team of Dubai SEO audit experts, designed to pinpoint areas for improvement and provide guidance on how this improvement can happen. It might be that your link building isn’t firing on all cylinders, or perhaps that your keywording is giving Google mixed messages. Whatever it is, we’ll sniff out the issues like a well-trained bloodhound, and point your SEO campaign back in the right direction.

You’ve probably seen plenty of companies offering SEO audits, but we’re different: we charge money for them. Yep, we’re not offering free half-baked audits in the hope you’ll sign up as a client. Instead, we give you a comprehensive rundown that’s actually of use – something that will truly change the way you carry out your SEO marketing efforts.


Onsite SEO Audit

Any good SEO audit will start by looking at the basics, and this means starting with the onsite SEO. Have you researched your keywords properly? Have these keywords been incorporated into content in an effective way? Are you making correct use of interlinking? We’ll answer all these questions and more, to ensure your entire SEO strategy has the best possible foundation. We don’t want any wobbly structures when we get further along your SEO journey.

During the on-page SEO audit Dubai, we’ll also look at ways you can snatch some low hanging fruit – keywords you can target that have loads of searches and low competition. Then we’ll check out meta titles, alt text, and all the other fiddly things many forget about when uploading their content. Once we’re finished, we’ll produce a full report, listing any issues and, most importantly, providing solutions. Or we can make the changes ourselves – it’s completely up to you.

Offsite SEO Audit

An offsite SEO audit focuses on one aspect above all others: backlinks. We’ll conduct a full investigation into all backlinks pointing towards your website, before then evaluating each one. We can then recommend which backlinks to keep, and which to remove or disavow – and yes, there really is such a thing as a bad backlink, and it can be like kryptonite to your website.

We’ll also look to ensure your site is registered in the right places – for example, have you registered for your Google Business Profile yet? And are you listed on relevant directories (but not too many – spamming directories is a definite no-no)? We can also audit your social media – it’s not directly related to your SEO, but we’ll take a look anyway, as we’re friendly like that.


You’ve Had Your SEO Audit: What Next?

So, we’ve conducted an SEO health check in Dubai on your site and nit-picked everything. But what now? Well, we’ll give you plenty of pointers on how to resolve things – all written in jargon-free, layman’s terms – and we’re always on the end of the phone if you get stuck. But better still, you could just get us to sort everything for you. It’ll be done quickly, efficiently, and you can be sure it’ll be done perfectly – what more could you ask for?

Your Dubai website SEO audit could also be carried out to coincide with some SEO training – then you can learn where you’re lacking, and gain the skills required to put things right! Mark our words: when you’ve received some SEO training from us, you’ll fall in love with this exceptionally interesting corner of the digital marketing world!

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How does a website SEO audit sound to you? Just give us the word, and we’ll jump to it, evaluating every corner of your SEO efforts. We love getting stuck into some serious SEO auditing, and you’ll love it too, as it’ll lead to giant jumps in your search engine rankings – providing you implement all our recommendations. To find out more, give us a call on +971 4 442 6518 or tap out an email and send it over to

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