Define, design, deliver: The three D's of our brand Identity agency in Dubai philosophy students have been asking who we are for ages, before promptly forgetting about their existential angst and falling back to sleep. We’re not here to ask such deep questions, but we will delve into your business to establish its identity, bringing it to life and illuminating the marketing process. We’ll also design you a really cool logo, if you need one, adding the exclamation mark to the entire branding journey.

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What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is one of those wishy-washy phrases you often associate with only the most expensive advertising agencies. But, as much as we’d love to laugh at the elite, it’s incredibly important, and necessary for even the smallest of businesses. Essentially, it’s about correlating several features of your business – color palette, logo, typography, tone of voice, plus more – to ensure your business is seen in the desired light by customers. So, instead of having a mishmash of various features, there’s one succinct, overriding identity for your brand.

Building your brand identity is a complex process – it’s far more than picking a color you like and assigning your brand a personality. But you don’t need to learn the whole process, as we’ll step in and do it for you. All the tedious research will be taken off your hands when you sign up for our professional branding services in Dubai, and when we’re finished, you’ll receive a tailor-made overview of your brand identity, created by experienced marketing professionals. 

The Approach at Our Branding Agency Dubai

The whole process begins with identifying your target market. Are you looking to sell to the sophisticated man about town? Or perhaps you’re aiming your product at middle-aged mothers? Every demographic will have certain features that will assist us when designing a brand that appeals perfectly to them. And understanding your target market isn’t a simple process, instead taking piles of research and comprehensive data analysis. Basically, for the average person, it’s a tedious, boring job – but for marketing geeks like us, it’s what we love!

We can then set about creating your brand identity. We’ll start by looking at your broader business, and then home into real specifics, picking out features that can be accentuated across your marketing material, website, and packaging, that will hopefully become intrinsically associated with you. That could be a custom font, a specific hue of color, a tone of voice, or one of scores of other attributes. And by the end of the process, you’ll have your brand identity on a plate, perfectly targeted at your ideal audience.

Picture Perfect Logo Design

Your logo is arguably the most vital part of your brand identity, a recognizable moniker that people from all around come to know. So, you need to have a logo that perfectly reflects your brand identity – one that manages to encapsulate everything you stand for in just a few pixels. And that’s exactly what the experts at our logo design company Dubai will give you. It might not become as well-known as the Golden Arches or the Nike swoosh, but hopefully it’ll become widely known in your niche.

Your logo will be designed by an expensively educated graphic designer, who will work hard to come up with something perfect. You won’t get some cookie-cutter design, churned out by free software downloaded in the outer reaches of the online world. As the top branding company in Dubai, we can also provide several versions of your logo, for use on specific mediums, all expertly refined to fit with your overall brand identity. 

Why Choose Our Brand Identity Agency Dubai?

Now you know you need a well thought out brand identity, but why should you choose us over the competition? Well, without wanting to boast, we’re pretty darned good at the whole brand identity thing. And this is down to our incredible team members, each with different talents, who all come together to create the perfect all-round brand identity. Graphic designers, copywriters, marketing pros, the barista – all are vital cogs in the machine.

Here's something else you’ll love: we won’t charge you the eye-wateringly high prices charged by London and New York marketing agencies – and we’ll do a much better job. What’s more, you’ll find we offer loads of services that will complement the branding process, including packaging and brochure design, website design, and all manner of marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing. It’s a tired cliché, but we’re your one-stop shop in Dubai for everything marketing related.

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