Rebranding magic with USEO: The go-to Dubai rebranding agency for almost every business, there comes a time when a rebrand is necessary. Done correctly, a rebrand can catapult a company’s image into the stratosphere, significantly altering public perception and doing wonders its bottom line. And if you’re considering a rebrand, there’s only one group of guys and girls you should call: the rebranding experts Dubai here at USEO.

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What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a process undertaken to change the corporate image of an organization. This usually involves wholesale changes to the company’s image, perhaps incorporating a name change, a repositioning of the business, or an alteration to the creative direction of the organization. Every company’s rebranding efforts will be different, and it’s vitally important to understand the end goal before embarking on anything too extreme. 

But perhaps you don’t require a complete brand makeover in Dubai of your business? Instead, you might just need a brand refresh – a slight sprucing up of your brand, altering smaller factors to bring the brand up to date, but leaving the core of the business as is. This could be the commissioning of a new logo, altering the font used on marketing materials, redesigning the company website – all steps that can make a huge difference, but that don’t alter the entire identity of the company. 

Why Rebrand?

Rebranding is a big step. But it’s also an incredibly exciting one – a way to reinvent your brand and transform it into your true vision for the company. And the effects of rebranding can be staggering, taking businesses to the next level. 75% of S&P companies rebrand themselves in their first seven years, proving that a rebrand really can be a precursor to great success.

There are many reasons to opt for a rebrand. Perhaps your brand name no longer reflects the business accurately? Maybe your brand has gotten to the point where it’s just too complex? Or perhaps you have expanded away from your initial base? Every business has its own reason for wanting to rebrand, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’ll even hold your hand if needs be.

The Pitfalls of Rebranding

There are undoubtedly pitfalls to rebranding, if it’s not done right (and we’re here to make sure it is). If you don’t first understand both your business and your customers intrinsically, it’s very easy to miss the point and morph into something even less pleasing than your old self. Customer alienation is also a big risk – many will still feel connected to the old brand, and some will even abandon you after the change. Can you bring in enough new custom to make the change worth it?

But there are pitfalls to everything – the secret is knowing exactly how to sidestep them. And the potential rewards are well worth the effort, as rebranding can slingshot a business to the next level. Our rebranding solutions Dubai are here to ensure you avoid the problems that can be associated with a rebrand and have a positive experience, altering your brand for the better and putting you on the road towards success.

Why Choose Us for Corporate Rebranding in Dubai?

We’re a full-scale digital marketing agency, and what is rebranding other than a niche of marketing? You’ll need all manner of skills to carry out a successful rebranding, from graphic designers to strategists, and SEO professionals to website designers. And guess what? We’ve got them all under one roof. So, no need to run around, manically trying to liaise with handfuls of different agencies, all with their own very differing opinions on how your rebrand should be carried out.

But we’re not the usual pretentious marketing agency, full of lofty but far-fetched ideas. Instead, we’re realists, ensuring we deliver down-to-earth advice to protect your business during this time of change. And we’re also pretty cool guys and girls (in our minds, anyway) and exceptionally easy to get along with, ensuring your Dubai brand transformation is stress free – or, at least, less stressful than it could be. 

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Rebranding is a huge step, but one that can pay giant dividends for your business – providing it’s done right. And that’s what we’re here to ensure, using our years of experience to guide you past the pitfalls and towards an uptick in your business’s performance. If you’d like to discover more about the rebranding process and our rebranding strategies, get in touch today. Just dial +971 4 442 6518 or email


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