Poor Pinterest. Often ignored by digital marketers, it still bubbles away in the background, and is an important social media platform for many demographics. And if your brand aligns with one of these demographics? You’d be...

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Why You Should Use Pinterest

Okay, so Pinterest doesn’t have the same following as Facebook or Instagram. But it does have an exceptionally loyal userbase. And more importantly? Pinterest users are more likely to convert than visitors from any other social media platform, partly because it serves not just as entertainment, but also as a research platform for unsure consumers. And with 5 billion monthly searches, there’s clearly a big pool of Pinterest people waiting to hear about your awesome product.

Looking for some more statistics to push you towards Pinterest marketing? Well, here’s a good one: people watch nearly 1 billion Pinterest videos every day. And here’s another: 75% of Pinterest users claim to always be shopping, making them prime targets for your selling machine. So, overall, it’s clear Pinterest represents an incredibly savvy investment for the right businesses, capable of delivering a superb ROI and really giving an extra nudge to sales figures. Want to learn more about the power of Pinterest? Give us a call today!


Organic Marketing on Pinterest

Organic marketing – or, to make it sound more appealing to those pulling the purse strings, free marketing – is a big thing on Pinterest. In fact, organic marketing is more doable on Pinterest than most other social media platforms. This is because Pinterest acts almost like a search engine, allowing users to quickly glance through many pins – and the goal of the digital marketer is to ensure your pin is the one that stands out. Get this right and you’ll have plenty of people paying attention to your pin – which will have a handy link attached, leading directly to your website! And then it’s over to you – can you clinch the sale?

Organic Pinterest promotion in Dubai is incredible for smaller businesses. Why? Well, 95% of searches on the platform are unbranded, allowing businesses the opportunity to market their products widely, and not get pushed out by the bigger names in the industry. But regardless of business size, organic Pinterest success depends on keyword research and optimized pins – and that’s where we can help, using our social media savvy to drive your Pinterest organic marketing campaign forward. 


 Pinterest Paid Marketing

Yep, even Pinterest offers paid marketing opportunities – after all, they’ve got to make their money somehow! But should you bother spending your hard-earned moolah on paid Pinterest ads? Well, for many businesses, the answer is a resounding yes! Promoted pins are the main paid advertising channel on Pinterest, and they look just like standard pins – but appear more regularly and therefore reach more people. You can also promote videos and carousels, as well as place collection ads and shopping ads. Essentially, Pinterest has something for everyone!

But is paid advertising on Pinterest effective? The answer is definitely yes, especially when businesses target their audience carefully – something the local Pinterest marketing experts in Dubai here at USEO can help you with. And Pinterest isn’t just about making sales – it’s also a hugely important tool for promoting a brand. If you’ve not considered advertising on Pinterest, it could be time to rethink your stance. Why not chat with a Pinterest professional at USEO today and learn more about this powerful, yet often ignored, social media platform?


Why Choose Our Dubai Pinterest Marketing Services?

So, why opt for USEO over the many other social media companies out there? After all, with everyone now proclaiming themselves experts in social media, isn’t the choice impossible? Well, for anyone in Dubai, the choice is actually simple: you go with the Dubai Pinterest management agency with a track record of social media success – that’s us, in case you’ve not realised. We’ve already shaken up the social media of many Dubai businesses, both big and small, and can do the same for you.

But we know price is always a consideration, so what do we charge for Pinterest marketing? The answer depends, but is always far less than you might think. And when you consider the tremendous ROI we promise, the cost really does look negligible! There’s also the fact we’re pretty cool guys and girls, always ready to sit down and share a cup of coffee and answer any social media questions you might have. And what price can you put on a great working relationship?


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