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Ever seen those promoted listings when you’ve searched on Google? Well, they’re occupying the most expensive real estate on the page. And if you want a penthouse in this rarefied air, you’ll need to take out adverts yourself. These pay-per-click adverts cost you money whenever they’re clicked, but can offer remarkable ROI – when done correctly. And at USEO, the best PPC agency in Dubai, we’ve got the know-how needed to craft perfect PPC campaigns, without blowing your budget.

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What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a type of advertising where you only pay when someone clicks on your advert. Do it right, and you’ll get targeted clicks for a fraction of the cost of other ad types – but do it wrong and you’re in a whole world of trouble, leaking money and not making sales. Can you guess which of the two options you’re guaranteed to get when you work with USEO?

The most popular PPC adverts are on Google, but you’ll also find them in various other places, including competing search engines – in a Google dominated world, remember that some unfortunate people still use Bing! Retailers can also use PPC advertising on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Whatever type of pay per click advertising Dubai you’re looking for, you’re in the right place, as our PPC people are ready and waiting to light up your advertising campaigns!

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Why Choose Our PPC Services in UAE?

So, you know what PPC is and why it’s a great choice for you. But why entrust your PPC budget to USEO? Well, we don’t like to boast, but… we’ve consistently achieved industry-leading figures for our PPC campaigns. We’ve also removed the risk – there’s no chance of your budget being squandered when you work with our team, as they’ve got a flawless record of making money. And, as the most fervent capitalist would proclaim, making money’s what it’s ultimately all about, isn’t it?

We’re also known for our reasonable prices. We’re not going to throw out a low-ball offer – we know what we’re worth – but we’re also not going to quote some insane figure even Microsoft would baulk at (even though we’d still be worth the expenditure). What’s more, we don’t discriminate – whether you’ve got $1,000 or $100,000 to spend on Google Adwords management Dubai, we’ll give your campaign the same level of attention.


ROI-Busting PPC Services in Dubai

Any regular Joe can design a PPC advert and get it published. But the chances are, the campaign would bomb, leading to gigantic losses. Instead, you need to work with PPC professionals who can design an advert that resonates with users, as well as target these adverts properly, to ensure only the most qualified users click through to your site. And if you’re wondering who these expert of display ads UAE are… it’s us!

On average, a PPC campaign has an ROI of 100%. So, spend $100 and you’ll see sales worth $200. Pretty decent, but not for us. We target – and invariably achieve – a much higher ROI, plus we constantly tweak and test, always striving to add a little bit extra to your campaign. For some, PPC advertising is a risk, but you can be sure of success when you leave your PPC to USEO, the top Google ads agency Dubai.


Comprehensive PPC Audits

Are you already running PPC adverts but unhappy with the results? If so, you’re not alone – many are sucked into the PPC trap, spending and spending without seeing any returns. Get in touch with the professionals at our PPC marketing agency in Dubai and we’ll set about conducting a full PPC audit, ripping apart your strategy and analyzing every individual element.

Once we’ve finished our audit, we’ll use what we’ve learned to set up an all-singing, all-dancing PPC campaign for you, which ticks every box. It’s this comprehensive planning, allied with our intricate knowledge of creating and targeting PPC ads, that ensures we’re the best PPC professionals not only in Dubai, but in the wider area. Don’t believe us? Then give us a few months with your PPC budget and see the magic we’re able to work!

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Proactive PPC Account Management

PPC noobs – or just people who are plain lazy – will set up their PPC campaign, then sit there, fingers crossed, hoping they’ll bring in some sales. Suffice to say, this isn’t the optimum way to run a PPC campaign. When you sign up for our PPC management services in Dubai, we take control of your PPC budget, and constantly tweak even the most minute of aspects, hoping to grab just a little bit extra for you.

We’ve got a huge arsenal of weapons to use when optimizing your PPC campaigns, including A/B testing, effective ad templates, advanced keywording tools, and more. But it’s our PPC team that’s our biggest weapon – a dedicated group of guys and girls with piles of PPC experience, as well as the nous needed to proactively manage the best PPC campaigns. We’d challenge any other PPC company in Dubai to better the team of superheroes we’ve assembled here at USEO.

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing Page Optimization

Even the greatest PPC campaigns in the world will fail if the landing page attached to them sucks – a common problem for online retailers worldwide. This is where having a group of talented marketers like USEO comes into its own, as we’ve got the skills to enhance any landing page, transforming it into a conversion machine.

Our design team will create a landing page that looks stunning, all the time being advised by our UX experts, to ensure the user experience is perfectly streamlined. Alternatively, we might just need to make a few tweaks – it’s incredible how a couple of small changes can up the effectiveness of your landing pages. Essentially, we’ve got all the skills needed to get users to click your ads, then go ahead and make the purchase. What more could you ask for?



The cost of the service for a PPC agency Dubai based to set up and run a campaign is going to vary from agency to agency. There are some Firms that charge a fixed monthly amount and there are some that would charge a percentage of the overall spend.

A cost for a single click from a PPC campaign would purely depend on the key phrase and also the competition that is also bidding for the ‘click’. PPC advertising can vary from as little as AED 2 per click right through to over AED 300 for a single click. The USEO google adwords agency Dubai office can pull the data and provide you with the estimate costing for your industry and actual key phrases.

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Let’s not dance around the subject (although we’ve got some amazing moves): USEO is the best PPC advertising agency in Dubai, offering an insanely impressive set of services. The ladies and gentlemen manning our PPC desk have gotten PPC advertising down to a fine art, while our top-level web designers will finesse your landing pages to ensure increased conversions. It’s a strategy we’ve refined over many years, and to learn more about it, drop us a message at info@useo.ae or call us on +971 4 442 6518.


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