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LinkedIn is the number one social media platform to reach and advertise to other businesses

Create unforgettable LinkedIn content and entice businesses to work with you

LinkedIn is the world’s premier business network.

With over 700 million users in January 2022, this platform allows its users to have the ability to reach connections in the business world. Linking people together for job opportunities, for career growth and for information on their industries, there is an entire feed on LinkedIn that businesses are learning to capitalise on.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B marketing

as it is the only platform that is solely focused on professional services rather than personal affairs, and a great way to get the attention of other businesses through more personal means. With the ability to write articles, showcase company practices and new strategies, LinkedIn allows you to build a marketing strategy that builds a connection with others and shows off your own brand personality.

With industries becoming more and more convoluted in this day and age

with the amount of competition mounting, it is easy to get lost in the mix. With an online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, this will prevent your business from getting lost, rather it will raise your profile against your competitors instead.

How do we help your organic LinkedIn strategy?

An organic LinkedIn strategy depends on how well you are able to develop your business profile on the social media platform and use it to communicate with others. This relies on you showing off your unique selling points as a business, your contribution to the development of your industry and what type of voice you would like within your business community.

What is an organic LinkedIn strategy and why is it important for brands?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool if used correctly. With businesses of all industries using the platform, you have access to both large corporations and SME’s. With the ability to reach such businesses, it is important to form an organic strategy that helps you stand out as a business, but also lets you reach out to others.

The goal of your LinkedIn business profile is to attract and acquire your ideal client so that they would like to do business with you. To use LinkedIn organically for lead generation, you need to design your profile in a manner that would influence your client to do business with you. This is the basis on which you will find people interact with you and how other businesses view you. In making a connection through your LinkedIn business profile, organic conversations made through reaching out to potential clients can begin to take place and turn into more fruitful and profitable endeavours.

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