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Instagram provides a platform to showcase your brand, create an audience and entice consumers

Create an enticing brand personality that will engage users and turn them into customers

There are nearly 1.2 billion active users on Instagram

Making it one of the leading social media platforms in the world. Although this may be a fact, there are many businesses in the GCC region [especially within the UAE], that have not yet utilised this leading platform that has access to a massive and varied audience.

Your customer acquisition strategy is, of course, based on whether you believe your niche market

Is found on platforms such as Instagram. However, when taking into consideration the billions of people who are active on the app, there will always be an audience interested online.

Instagram is a powerful tool that can lead to crushing sales, conversions, and leads.

After browsing the app for even five minutes, you will realise that almost every niche can be found on the social media app. Acting as a networking, business and marketing tool, it is essentially an arena for people to connect with each other and brands through visual means.

Instagram provides an opportunity to showcase your brand through images and videos

Which can be a great opportunity when you are an e-commerce or services business. In providing a visual representation, this will be a great opportunity for potential consumers to see what your business has to offer and provide and what makes you unique against your competitors.

We do this through:

Creating an engaging and on brand, social media personality that showcases your voice in the market.

Design bespoke social media posts that are unique and interesting.

Interact with users and followers to generate online traction through liking, commenting and direct messaging.

What is an organic Instagram strategy and why is it important for brands?

Users on Instagram usually spend an average of 53 minutes on the app per day

Giving opportunities to brands like yours to reach and engage with these users on a daily basis. Reaching these audiences doesn’t need to be costly, and turning followers into paying customers does not necessarily have to rely on placing ads on the platform. Instead, using organic methods of marketing can transform your Instagram into a powerful sales tool.

To achieve ongoing success with your Instagram marketing using organic methods is crucial. This type of marketing will tap into the platform's many resources and use it to share content, build a community and drive business results.

Using organic Instagram helps to create a strong brand personality and boost awareness of your products through image posting

Interacting with users and potential followers through comments and direct messaging and through other interaction through likes and comments. With online users more concerned about understanding a brand and ensuring that it stand inlinewith their beliefs, it is becoming increasingly important to showcase who your brand is through social media platforms.

What is a paid Instagram strategy and why is it important for brands?

Paid Instagram strategies are the best course of action when you are looking to gain traction, and gain it fast. With billions of users on Instagram, you have access to an incredibly large audience making Instagram prime ad space.

In order to ensure that you are taking the right course of action with your paid advertising strategy, Instagram provides extensive amounts of data that helps to target your intended audience via location, interests, demographics etc. This level of targeting will increase the change of conversions, due to reaching an audience that are already interested in the services or products you have to offer.

Paid Instagram allows you to promote whatever is relevant to your business across their entire platform. This promotion puts your business in front of the eyes of an invested audience and helps them to visualise your business in a way that cannot be done through other social media channels.

How do we help your organic Facebook strategy?

Our experienced social media managerial team helps to handle all these organic methods for you, resulting in the boosting of your online credibility and your long term connections with potential customers. This helps to create users who move down the sales funnel and become long lasting consumers.

Here at USEO, we specialise in changing users into online consumers through direct

How do we help your paid Instagram strategy?

Navigating Instagram advertising can be a confusing affair

Which is why we have an entire paid social team dedicated to providing expert services for our clients instead. We provide specialist advice that will help to create your unique social media strategy that will result in viable leads.

We do this through intense research of the market

your industry and intended audience, in turn, modifying our content creation and interactions for each business, ensuring that we are utilising Instagram as a social media platform as much as possible.

Once we have solidified the benefits of using the platform for your campaign

We create feasible KPI’s and regular communication that is centred and formed based on your end goal, whether that be raising brand awareness, brand consideration, or most importantly, increasing conversions.

We create

Unique content creation for infeed posts, reels and Instagram stories

We investigate consumer behaviour and market research to ensure that we are targeting an audience that is likely to convert.

We use specialist tools to create audiences that are based on data including interests, demographics and behaviours.

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