Revamp your web presence with our Dubai PHP development company.Have you heard that PHP is out of fashion, just like flairs and bleached denim jeans? Well, tell that to the millions using it every year – and the number is growing! In reality, PHP is often the perfect tool for website and app development, plus much more – and it’s also what runs WordPress, which powers over 30% of the world’s websites! So, don’t count out PHP quite yet – chat to one of our aficionados of custom PHP web development Dubai and find out why it’s still very relevant in the world of programming.

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What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source general purpose scripting language. But enough of the techno-babble – in layman’s terms, it’s a programming language, which be used to do loads of snazzy things, particularly surrounding the development of web applications. What’s more, it’s open source, so this keeps prices low, or even non-existent – perfect for the savvy businessperson looking to protect their bottom line.

Overall, PHP is a fantastic language, and despite its detractors, we love to work with it – and if it’s good enough for WordPress, it’s certainly good enough for us! And we adore its versatility, used to generate dynamic page content, collect form data, control user access, and much more. Why not chat to one of our professional PHP developers in Dubai to see how PHP development can help you? 

Why Choose PHP?

Excuse us while we wax lyrical about the power of PHP below. It’s perfect for rapid development, thanks to its in-built support for MySQL and other databases, plus it can be integrated with other technologies, making it a particularly powerful tool for those looking to create cross-platform applications. It’s also cost effective, thanks to it being open source.

Then there’s the phenomenal security, as it offers highly effective features to protect websites from hackers and keep data secure. And there’s more! PHP can be used to create a giant array of applications, plus it’s the perfect programming language for anyone with a multi-page website. PHP really does offer a lot – proving that the oldies really can be the best! Ask to see some of our recent work with PHP to really understand what it can do for you.

What PHP Development Services Are Available?

PHP is primarily used for web application development, offering superior web apps with fantastic features and a highly intuitive user experience. It can also be used to create PHP CMS frameworks, making sure your content management is a breeze, allowing users to create and publish content easily. And PHP certainly has great credentials in the CMS world, as it’s used by WordPress, which runs a staggering 30% of all websites worldwide!

Custom web portals are also regularly built using PHP, plus PHP is the perfect tool for building eCommerce solutions, such as shopping cart solutions and payment gateway integration. Our bunch of skilled Dubai PHP website development experts even offer a PHP API integration service, enhancing your website through integration with various other apps and devices. And there’s much more it can do, but we don’t want to bore you – to find out more, just drop us a call today! 

Why Choose Us for PHP Application Development in Dubai?

Now it’s time for us to extol our virtues loudly – so it’s a good job we’re not shy! Quite simply, we offer the number one PHP development service in Dubai, and maybe even in the Middle East. Our team of programming perfectionists have got what it takes to code, build, and fix PHP websites, apps, and more. And if you give them lots of coffee, they’ll also work harder and faster than any programmers out there – although we’re not sure if it’s legal to use coffee as a performance enhancing substance!

You’ll also find that we offer highly competitive prices. Are they the lowest around? No, they’re not – we know what we’re worth. But if you’re looking for a balance between affordability and exceptional quality, we’re the guys and girls for you. We also integrate our PHP service with our various other specialities, which range from high-quality SEO to content marketing, giving you one point of contact for all development and marketing services.

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We understand: even after reading this page, you still might not understand the ins and outs of PHP. And that’s fine – but just know this: PHP is the perfect tool for websites and apps that kick butt, and we’re the people who can harness the technology and build something beautiful. If you want to find out more, get in touch today and let us wax lyrical about the many pros of PHP. Call us today on +971 4 442 6518 or send us an email via!

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