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Most businesses turn to Search Engine Optimisation to generate website traffic, obtain leads, convert website visitors to customers, and create a revenue stream using the largest search engine in the world: Google.

After all, the search engine giant is the most capable of helping businesses attract qualified web traffic and expand their market reach. But have you ever thought about what Google may want in return? What can you do for Google to make this partnership worth their while?

To answer these questions, it is best to take a look at SEO from the perspective of Google. Let us explore what makes their business model work, how they are staying ahead of their competitors, and what factors can make users turn to alternative search engines.

What do you want, Google?


Like any other business, Google wants its customers to be happy. How does Google make and keep its customers happy? By providing quick, relevant answers to their customers’ queries – even at the cost of their own interest, as shown in the image below:

Giving instantaneous results to users’ queries enables Google to provide a great customer experience, which in turn makes people come back. They have become the most preferred search engine by billions of people around the world that their name has become synonymous with “search.” (I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you to “Google it” if you need fast and reliable answers to something you need to know.)

So, how does this fare well for Google? With approximately 1.17 billion people using Google, it is the best platform to showcase advertisements – and that is how it makes loads of money. Essentially, happy customers make a happy Google. As people come back to Google for future searches, Google continues to be the best place to advertise.

But what happens when Google’s customers are not happy with their search experience?

Say, a spammer succeeds in getting their page on the first page of Google, leading customers to an irrelevant or malicious website? What if Google directs a user to a website that takes ages to load? Or what if a user is searching for “best car rental in Dubai” but gets results for car rentals in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi? Google’s customers end up frustrated and unhappy that they didn’t get the results they want. This means bad business for Google, as their customers’ trust and satisfaction is compromised.

So, what does Google do? It implements measures and reengineers its algorithms to provide the best and most relevant answers at the fastest possible time.

What must you do?


Now that you understand how Google works and what it wants, what steps should you take? Give Google what it wants. You can start by building a user-friendly website that gives optimal user experience and high-quality relevant content. Find out what your target audiences are looking for and ensure your website can deliver swift, precise, and relevant answers to these queries. By doing so, you are helping Google, and it will reward you by helping your business flourish.FacebookTwitter

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