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Online presence is one of the most important business tools today. It is crucial that current and potential customers find you online, and one of the major things that drive traffic to your website is SEO or search engine optimization. Your business can achieve its full potential when you have a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Many people are talking about SEO and how it benefits businesses and industries. So let’s get down to the basics and run through exactly what this avenue includes.

What is SEO?


Search engine optimization  is a technical process aimed at making your website place at the top of the rankings of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Search engine ranking shows the results, whether your website is at the top of the search page or in any particular page. You see the results when you or any person looking for some information about a topic, for example, marketing. When you type this in the query box of your favorite search engine, you’re returned with a list of results.

Why do website owners want to be in the top ranks? It is simple. Most web browsers only look at the first two pages of the search list to find the best website to visit. When a website places high in the ranking, there is a big probability that the person doing the research will visit that particular page. Search engine optimization is a means to improve a website to make it land on the first page of the ranking list, hopefully near the top.

On the side of search engines, their “bots” or “spiders” crawl the web. The spiders inspect each webpage they visit to identify keywords, content and every link found on the page. The webpage will then be included in the database of the search engine and indexed accordingly.

Experts in SEO


SEO should be handled by experts who have proven track record and a deep understanding of search engine algorithms to improve website rankings. Businesses around the globe create websites, and without SEO, it will be difficult for them to land in the top ranks. It is a very competitive field, and in major financial centers, such as Dubai, it is important to not only be a top business or industry player but also be top-ranked among search engine rankings. SEO in Dubai is very active so various companies need to be proactive and get their websites optimized.

There are things to keep in mind while working with an SEO expert. Keywords are very important to search engines, as these are the words used when people are doing web searches. Major keywords related to your business, products or services should be mentioned on your web pages. If there are links on your web pages, ensure that these links lead to or come from reputable and relevant sites. Publishing relevant content on your site, such as blogs and articles, effectively improves your ranking with search engines.

Make sure that you work with an SEO expert who can help you register your site to the different search engines, help you identify the best keywords to use, pinpoint your target audience and make your website search engine-friendly.Facebook

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