Transguard Cricket Team and Team USEO Duke It Out in Fierce Friendly

The Transguard (TG) Warriors narrowly beat Team USEO 119-94 in a highly competitive “limited overs” cricket match that saw the two teams battle closely with wit and intensity from start to finish. Held at Rahaba Residences, along the Dubai-Al Ain Road, the joint USEO-Transguard Sporting Event sponsored by USEO featured two competing teams vying for recognition in a friendly and spirited game of cricket.

There was a lot more on the line than recognition, with an official trophy and individual medals to be awarded to winners of the match.

The TG Warriors took the field first to bat, and they immediately set the tone of the competition, running up the score with a combination of brilliant team play and strong batting.

Strong batting performances led Team Transguard to build a comfortable lead in the first inning.

Team Transguard played to the strengths of their batters, slamming the ball time and time again with powerful hits to open up running opportunities. This challenged Team USEO’s fielders to snag aerial balls, many of which sailed over the fence and out of reach.

USEO’s bowlers threw fastballs with gusto, but Transguard’s hard hitters were up to the task.

Team USEO’s fielders stayed on their toes for the entire first inning, with Team Transguard’s batters hitting fastballs at the pitch.

By the end of their inning, the TG Warriors set a lofty goal for Team USEO to catch: 119 runs on 10 overs.

Team USEO cooling down at the half.

A Valiant Effort

After the half time break, team USEO responded with Team Captain Samran Raza leading the way. First to bat for USEO was Co-Captain Safwan Raza, who hit his groove almost immediately, sending the first few bowls by the TG Warriors high up in the air and out of the field, with his deadly combination of skill and explosiveness with the blade.

USEO Co-Captain Safwan Raza hit his groove almost immediately, sending the first few bowls of the second inning out of the field, with his skill and explosiveness with the blade.

Unfortunately, one strike fell short of the fence, falling right into the hands of a Transguard fielder, sending Safwan out of the field.

Batters Gareth Dodd and Abid Hussain took turns making short runs with a combination of clever blocking techniques and smooth batting strokes, fuelling quick and rapid scoring runs that got team USEO gathering steam.

Smart batting by batters Gareth Dodd and Abid Hussain helped Team USEO score quick, successive points.

Batter Nabeel Rabbani also displayed intelligent batting by adapting a similar quick-hitting strategy, deftly blocking and pulling most of the aggressive bowls by Team Transguard, which sent their fielders chasing fast loose balls on the field.

Batter Nabeel Rabbani displayed wily cunning, intelligently blocking and pulling aggressive bowls by Team Transguard.

Most impressive, however, was Team Captain Samran Raza’s performance at the pitch to bring Team USEO back in the game. With Team USEO chasing to cover the run deficit, Samran hit back Transguard bowls with ferocity, sending balls out of the field and sparking multiple runs at a time.

Samran hit back Transguard bowls with ferocity, sending balls out of the field and sparking multiple runs at a time.

This helped Team USEO to get within striking range of the TG Warriors. The valiant effort by the entire team proved to be inspiring, as Team USEO managed to muster a respectable 94 runs out of 10 overs.

Samran and Safwan Raza, Captain and Co-Captain of USEO Team.

Forming Stronger Ties

A competitive but light-hearted friendlythe joint USEO-Transguard Sporting Event paved the way for a stronger professional relationship between the two companies. And with USEO-Transguard ties better than ever before, a rematch in the near future is more than a likely possibility.

The friendly closed with the two teams sharing a round of freshly-baked pizzas and ice-cold drinks – the perfect curtain call to an amazing event.

TG Warriors and Team USEO