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With fog settling in and thermometers reading 22 degrees Celsius in the morning, there is very little doubt that winter has officially come to Dubai. It is once again the season of celebration, gathering, festivity, and gift giving. However, along with the joyful spirit comes the challenge of doing holiday shopping for loved ones. With this in mind, what are the things you can do to make sure you get the most conversions throughout the holiday season?  That’s what we’ll answer today, to help you prepare your online business for what is arguably the busiest time for shopping throughout the year.

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The holiday season is all about showing gratitude through gift giving and generosity, and what better way to show your gratitude to your customers than by giving away free or discounted stuff? This is a surefire way to reel in potential customers, retain your current clientele, or get qualified leads, while being a positive influencer in your online community. Analyse your financial situation properly, and find out where you have leeway to leverage a promo. Try to offer a service or product that will have decent demand throughout the holidays, and advertise it online at a discounted price, if not for free, as a giveaway to a signup or a purchase. Market it as a limited offer, and you are sure to generate some interest among your target market.

Indulge in the festivities


Just like a physical business, redesigning the front-end of your online business with a holiday theme and mapping your remarketing strategy accordingly can yield positive results for your business. Consider what would cater to the convenience of you customers, such as packaging premium gift wrapping materials along with an online purchase for a small additional fee. Or, if you can afford to, why not do the wrapping yourself and save your customers time and effort? Going the extra mile and making your clientele feel special by personalising your product or service can help you make a strong impression. If you do it right, you can get repeat business or even customer referrals in exchange for just a bit of effort from your end.

Be ready for the traffic


The holiday rush is a familiar foe we all must face. With the chaos and bewilderment of the shopping season, however, it is easy to forget buying a gift for someone you ought to buy a gift for. That’s why you should optimise your website for mobile devices and speed up your website load time. Making sure that your website is ready to face and cater to increased traffic throughout the shopping season will help with your conversions. According to Google, more than 50 per cent of searches now come from mobile devices, and a user interface that is easy to navigate via mobile phone or tablet is increasingly important as the shopping season intensifies. It would be a shame to lose out on potential customers, just because of a slow and unwieldy website.

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