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Things To Know About Web Development And Design

Web Development And Design

If you need a website, selecting a web developer can be difficult, as people have different degrees of web development skills. You have to determine their level of professionalism and expertise and asses whether they’re able to successfully contribute to your overall brief. You have to know exactly what you need and want. Finding the appropriate person for your project is actually a process that involves a combination of different things.

First off, do not lump web development and web design as one ,although these two professions work closely together to create a website. The web developer works on the back-end of the site, while the web designer works on the front-end. In easier terms, the former makes the website function smoothly while the aesthetics are done by the web designer.

Web development


When considering a developer, the first thing you should look at is their own website. Don’t use this as your main criteria, but it definitely helps to get an hour of what they’re capable of doing. The next best thing to assess is samples of work that they’ve hopefully willing provided you.

Navigation is a key element in any website. You should be able to have an easy time browsing through their pages, assessing whether the links bring you to the right pages. The content should be meaningful and full of substance (although this is subject to the request of the site owner). You should be able to quickly find the things you are looking for within the website.

You have a choice of using a local developer whom you can meet face-to-face, or someone who is overseas. But it’s obvious that meeting physically with the right candidate means you’re able to fill them in on your needs in the best manner.

Communication is also a major factor


The developer you eventually hire should be able to provide you with answers to your questions from the start. If you and the web developer have established a good line of communication, it indicates the developer’s reliability in that you’ll be able to reach him or her at each stage of the web development, whether the developer is located locally or somewhere else. If you choose the team at United SEO, you’re able to gain a peace of mind in knowing you’re giving your brand the best chance at online success.

Other important things include the coding, which should conform to the W3C‘s standards for the HTML language, accessibility for all people visiting your website, SEO in Dubai, and page speed — which should not take more than eight seconds.

Web design


The web designer is the person responsible for what you see when you open a website. They are in charge of the visual aspects of a page — ranging from beautiful images, the right choice of colours ,and fonts that appeal to viewers and reflect your online persona. A web designer must know CSS, HTML and JavaScript, as well as  be experienced in various graphic design applications. He or she is a creative person, with a very good sense of aesthetics.

Think of web designers as architects ,while the web developers as the engineers and builders. Together, they are able to produce a fine piece of work that is not only robust and sturdy, but fully functional and impressive to look at.

Be choosy when finding a web developer, because when you have the right back-end, and with the assistance of a good web designer for the front end, you’ll have the kind of website that will perfectly showcase your products and services.Facebook

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