When filled with doubt or uncertainty about a question’s answer, people will usually “Google it” by using either Google itself, or an alternate search engine. On average, Google processes about 2.3 million searches per minute, that is over 1 trillion search queries each year; a huge number of questions people want answers for.

People have actually become so reliant on Google that when it went down for five minutes in 2013, global internet traffic dropped by a staggering 40{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535}. This means that being on top when it comes to search engine result pages,(SERPs), can be a huge advantage.

Understanding SEO

However, it’s not as simple as just writing a block of text and hoping for the best. Subtle but important changes to content and structure allow for websites to be ‘crawled’ – or ‘read’ – by search engines. Here at USEO, we essentially make sure that your website is readable by a computer so that the computer can then tell people what they want to see; or know how to best answer their questions.

Once people have found your website online, we can also help to make sure customers want to stay. We offer comprehensive online reputation management to ensure that in this age of digital social media, your voice and your vision is the one that customers see. A 2015 local consumer review survey by BrightLocal found that over 92{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} of all local consumers use online reviews and responses to help them make decisions and determine the quality of local businesses.

At USEO, we provide you with a dedicated account manager to help make sure your campaign is run and directed in the way you want and need it to be. We will also make sure to provide comprehensive and regular reports so you can see the difference as you climb towards the top of those all-important SERPs. We are one of the most original and experienced SEO (search engine optimisation) companies in Dubai, because we make sure our team has had decades of combined experience helping businesses with optimising their websites and brands.

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