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How Should Digital Marketing Agencies Respond To Google Updates

How should digital marketers respond to Google algorithm updates?

Marketing trends in today’s world seem to change overnight. New tools and technologies emerge with every changing moment. Thus, Google has to regularly modify how to treat rankings, links, and content, especially because of these rapid changes.

What are Google algorithm updates?

The goal of Google algorithm updates is to provide the best user experience by helping users find the right information as quickly as possible.

Google updates its algorithm on a regular basis, and each time an update is introduced, it re-evaluates the SERP of websites based on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. The search engine handles almost 40,000 searches every second and even the smallest changes to their algorithms can have a huge impact, negative or positive, on any given site.

How to respond to Google algorithm updates?

First of all, when you, being a digital marketer, hear about a new Google algorithm update and your client’s site ranking and traffic gets negatively impacted, do not panic. Although today’s algorithms are focused on countering higher-level black hat practices, and quick fixes to boost ranking immediately are not easy, take your time to research well and determine the best approach. Consider the industries that have particularly been hit by the latest update, and figure out which of your clients have been impacted by it.

Once you are done with the research and gathering of information, a plan should be developed to alter the post-algorithm website and bring about changes gradually. Changes shouldn’t be made all at once – when you change a single element at a time, ranking and traffic can be closely monitored to understand if the changes are working. If desired improvements are not seen, there is always room for modifications.

Work alongside your tech team to develop a plan of action that can set your client’s site back on the road to success. You should also continue to create high quality, user-friendly content. Moreover, having updated information on your site makes it more relevant in the visitor’s eyes, and that may contribute heavily towards its rankings. Whatever you do, do not opt for quick fixes – think long-term and ensure that your client is updated regularly.

Google algorithm update is a system of rewarding websites with higher ranking – websites that show expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness as mentioned above. Figure out where your client’s site is lacking and strategize how to fix it up.

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