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We would love the opportunity to discuss your SEO requirements and dive in to strategy mode if in fact it is SEO that is the right service for your business. All of our highly trained SEO consultants are based in our Dubai office which is in Jumeriah Lake Towers. Our consultants offer 30 minutes of their time to provide free advice and love nothing more than talking to Marketing people and Business owners across Dubai and the UAE.


So, let’s start with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term organic strategy which requires ongoing optimization of your website and a consistent link building strategy in order to produce results that will materialize in a period of around 3-6 months.

With that in mind, there is no particular occasion within the calendar year that should prompt you to begin SEO, it’s more a case of getting it started immediately and continuously working on it.

NOW, let’s focus on PPC. This is a campaign that can deliver enquiries to your business almost immediately. Furthermore, the campaign is extremely flexible and adaptable in terms of the strategy + audience targeting, you can essentially switch up the strategy and objectives on a daily basis.

Based on those facts, I would strongly suggest seeking advice with from professionals like myself on how you can market your business during Ramadan or any period of the year for that matter and how to set it up in the right way, that will deliver you an ROI.

Here are a few tips on how to get started.

  1. Seek professional advice – Here at USEO we offer FREE advice to the general public & business professions regardless of how big or small the project.
  2. Carry out research on the search trends/volumes that your potential customers could be searching to find the products/services that you offer. You may find that there is an increase in the demand during the period of Ramadan.
  3. What offers or promotions can you run during this period?
  4. Think about the message you want to put out to the market. Ensure the ads are relevant and specific to Ramadan.

If you would like to set up a 30 minute strategy session with myself over the phone or a zoom call, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact details below. My advice is completely FREE of charge, so what do you have to lose?

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and read the article. I will be dropping more content regularly so keen an eye out for more like this!

My Bio

I have been living in Dubai for almost 4 years now since making the big move from Kent in the United Kingdom. My career in the UAE started with USEO and is still ongoing to this day! I am extremely passionate about my role as a Digital Marketing Specialist and enjoy the responsibility that it brings. Along with my dedication to help USEO grow by bringing on the suitable clients for our agency, I take great pride in implementing results driven marketing strategies into our clients campaigns and watching them grow and reap the rewards!

Aside from work, I enjoy travelling and visiting all of the great places that Dubai has to offer. I genuinely believe that I live in one of the best regions in the world and I can only see it getting better from a business and personal perspective. If I can help businesses and individuals make their experience here even better along the way, then that would give me great satisfaction!

I am always happy to share my knowledge and expertise around Digital Marketing so if you would like to have a conversation about how we can help your business, then feel free to contact me on my contact details below.
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