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The days of black hat SEO tactics are well and truly at an end. With every update search engines are making, web spiders are becoming increasingly smarter at detecting underhand SEO tricks and schemes. While some websites are crying over their losses, others are smiling at the sudden high rankings that come as a result, and are literally experiencing a surge in viewership and business. Their relentless endurance to play by the books is finally panning out well for them. In fact, Google estimates that 60{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} of all views go to the first and second rank of all results. The remaining 35{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} goes to the other ranks of the first web page; all because of the benefits of white hat SEO. Here are the reasons why this form of search engine optimisation is definitely the way to go:

White Hat SEO is much cheaper


So you spend a lot of time, effort, and money trying to trick search engines using black hat schemes. For starters, Google invests millions of dollars just to update their spiders and enable them to detect any new schemes. Moreover, the Panda and Penguin updates of 2014 have made Google spiders to place more emphasis on the quality of content rather than the positioning of keywords and their densities. Keyword prominence has become increasingly important too. So why not stay on the safe side? Stick to white hat SEO by utilising a company like United SEO.

It’s more rewarding


Though white hat SEO tactics might take a slightly longer time to be implemented, the end results are much more satisfying. This is because with white hat, even the latest updated spiders in action, will reward you for playing it clean. For instance, even ranking 10th on the first page for, let’s say “best dietary supplements”, means that you get 35{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} of all views worldwide. That is hundreds of millions of viewers. Definitely a game-changer.

It’s legal


The legal implications of going black hat are worthy of fraud, the loss of your business, and in some extreme cases, a jail sentence. With white hat, you make your money while staying within the law.

Why put you and your business at risk? Here at United SEO, we offer the best white hat tactics to give your website the high rankings it truly deserves.

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