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Identity based pay per click marketing is becoming increasingly well know, as are the advantages which come with it. Identity-Based pay-per-click is essentially a form of PPC which allows for marketers to tailor content to individuals based on their details. Why is this so great? It’s a brilliant new development because it means that marketers are able to work on an even more personal level with customers.

A 2016 report on digital marketing by Experian saw 93{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} of marketers personalizing their communication with customers, making it one of the most important factors facing marketers. This personalization is especially relevant as mobile devices increase in popularity.

Ads are not the same as email


Previously, marketers could personalize messages by sending emails to customers. The effectiveness of email newsletters has long been held in question. This sometimes meant endless collections of unread ‘junk’ emails in people’s inboxes, or hidden away and trashed.

PPC ads are capable of changing this. Whilst people can still ignore ads, they naturally treat them in a different manner in the first place. You can update ads continuously, and still cater to the same individuals. Companies who elicit more trust responses from consumers are more likely to have their advertisements clicked on.

Smaller communities can be much more closely knit


Whilst companies can target their message to smaller communities and groups with the help of Identity-based PPC advertising, in order to stay relevant in those communities, they need to ensure they are trusted. This is especially important in Niche groups. If members of these groups start to have bad experiences or express criticism, it is likely going to spread throughout their online community like wildfire. Marketers increasingly need to ensure that their online reputation management is a priority and they focus on continuing to build up consumer trust.

It can be used to go viral.


Going viral is when something manages to spread throughout the internet like a virus. Identity-based PPC advertising can be targeted at individuals in positions which offer them more power or influence. By ensuring the company, business or group is already seen as trusted and authoritative, these targeted individuals are more likely to share that information with people they know. This, in turn, will lead to ads going viral and being shared throughout the internet.

Identity-based PPC ads have a great potential for revolutionizing the way marketers can promote themselves. However, it is important to ensure that there is an emphasis on reputation management at the same time. Trust is integral to any business and is only becoming more so.Facebook

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