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Web Design Tips: What Are the Must-Haves for Your Site?

Whether you want to redesign your company’s website or need a new one for your startup, we understand that designing a website is both a challenging and an overwhelming task. This particularly holds true when there are so many details that can affect the influx of web traffic on your site. Your website should be engaging, user-friendly and easy to search and navigate. The key idea is to grab the attention of as many of your prospective clients and customers as possible. This is particularly important because your website is your brand image and statistics reveal that having a powerful website design is directly proportional to a bigger clientele and a better reputation among your target audience.

There are a few things that you must have on your site to make it more engaging and attractive for the prospective clients and business partners alike. Here are 4 things that can help you increase your brand engagement, improve your digital footprint on social sites and build a bigger client base for your company through greater web traffic influx.

1: Responsive design

Recent stats show that 52.2% of traffic on all the sites on the internet is being generated through mobile phones and tablets, which means more and more people are replacing their PCs and computers and switching to mobile phones for internet browsing and brand engagement. A responsive design will allow your website layout to adjust according to the interface of different devices making it more easily accessible and navigable to the audience.

2: SEO Content

It is very important to make sure that your website is easily accessible to your target audience and this can only happen when your site ranks higher on Google. Your content should be search engine optimized and must contain relevant keywords and internal and external backlinks, which makes it easier to rank higher on the search engines.

3: Contact Information

You want your prospective clients and customers to engage with your brand. For this they need a valid contact number, an email address or a social media URL that will help them get in touch with you and your team.

4: Call to Action

The whole idea behind building a website is to create a strong client base. This is only possible when you are able to persuade your clients to get in touch with you or engage with your brand in any possible manner.

A web design that is simple, minimalistic and easy to navigate is not only attractive, but interactive as well. Nobody has the time to spend hours to find what they are looking for. People like things that are easy to use, and that is what you should offer in your web design in order to grab the attention of the people that are important for your business and brand. If all of this is what you want for your website, then get connected with our sister company, Web Shack, to receive a website design that is sure to attract the right traffic!

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