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When you are struggling to improve their online efforts, it makes sense to look at all potential options. If you have ever stumbled upon SEO ‘experts’ that offer insane results with little organic effort, be wary. You may have just met your first blackhat SEO specialist.

It is important to understand that in SEO, there are clear guidelines and policies to adhere to. Black Hatters do not abide by these rules, and ultimately they cause a great deal of damage to the usefulness that SEO can bring to people. So, below are some tells that you are speaking with a black hat SEO specialist. To reiterate, all of the tactics employed by these individuals should be avoided at all costs.

Paid Links

Buying links for your SEO practices is, undeniably, a straightforward solution. Not only is it incredibly easy if you can throw money at the problem, but there is no need to worry about the quality of the content that you put on these pages. However, Google have tried to stamp out these tactics to benefit people trying to find things that are useful online, instead of paid-for fluff.

Spam Link Comments

Spam commenting is one of the most prolific ways black hatters create backlinks at no cost. By either manually or through the use of bots, spam comments that are just links are a common method of trying to get people to click over to your page. These comments do nothing of use, and can actually hurt the blog or video that the comment is posted to, as it paints your business as a shady one.

Copy And Pasted Content


Duplicating content across the internet is another popular method employed to try cheating search engines. Copied content across different domains, in theory, casts a wider net for people to eventually click on to. In reality, though, search engines have successfully squashed this redundant tactic. Duplicated content that gets flagged automatically gets removed, so it really is a wasted effort.

Do Not Be Tempted


Black hat techniques such as the ones mentioned above are a dangerous shortcut in SEO. Search engines are getting much better at sniffing out the black hatters and removing their content. As a result, if you decide to try out any of these tactics, you might see your website being removed from their search results entirely. So, do not be tempted by the allure of easy growth. It is always best practice to employ organic tactics for the best growth for your business.Facebook

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