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Ramadan is the month of giving and caring, of the spirit of generosity and sharing your blessings.

It’s the best time to show your customers and clients that you care and that you are one with them in this annual celebration. In keeping with the season, we’re sharing some thoughtful and much-appreciated ways you can be part of the Ramadan 2018 celebration.

  1. Greet them Ramadan Kareem (and Eid Mubarak) 

    – Simply extending your Ramadan greetings to clients can speak volumes about your company – and in a good way.“Ramadan Kareem” and “Ramadan Mubarak” are the common greetings used at the start of the month. Ramadan Kareem means “generous Ramadan,” while Ramadan Mubarak is used to wish someone a “happy Ramadan.”At the end of the month-long fasting is Eid al-Fitr, a three-day festivity that marks the end of Ramadan. When this comes, don’t forget to greet your clients with “Eid Mubarak,” or a blessed Eid.
  2. Write a personal message to them

    Although hand-written letters would surely be appreciated, what we mean here is to write them a personal message and send this through e-mail marketing. Though you’ll be sending this to a lot of your clients, make sure to take the time to personalise it so that your heartfelt message connects better with them. 
  3. Arrange & send a well-thought gift package

    Gift baskets and hampers are timeless. For the season of Ramadan, you can fill your gift baskets with a delicious mix of dates, Arabic sweets, dried fruits, a variety of nuts, and other goodies such as chocolates and biscuits. Complement it with flowers to make it even more special. 
  4. Show your generosity with special discounts

    In this season of giving, what better way to celebrate than to offer special discounts and promotions, especially for your loyal customers, right? Aside from discounts and limited promotions, you can provide complementary services or products to your clients. This can help you retain your loyal customers and bring in new ones as well.    


Engage in Corporate Social Responsibility activities

Organise CSR activities specifically for the month of Ramadan. Sponsor iftar meals for the less fortunate during the entire month of Ramadan, or on select dates only. You can mobilise your company’s staff to arrange this or you can enlist the services of an event company. You can also collect and distribute donations for the needy, including food items, clothes and other necessities


Be involved in your community

If you don’t have the resources to initiate such an activity, you can opt to support a cause or raise awareness for a project that benefits the underprivileged. Find out if you can join any community projects, or partner with organisations like Emirates Red Crescent and Dubai Cares and give them a hand in furthering their advocacies and charitable programmes.

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