The Myths of Modern SEO

WORKING with search engine optimisation can leave you scratching your head at times. Between the constantly changing nature of SEO and the steep learning curve, it is a daunting arena to enter. What makes the transition even more trying is the wave of half-truths and archaic myths surrounding SEO, search engines and how they work. This blog post hopes to squash a few of the bigger myths, and explain what really happens.

Meta Tags
Meta tags have long been used to categorize and filter content. In particular, they were integral to how SEO worked for a great length of time. Using the meta tag keywords, users would find your web page on the search engine’s results page. This was soon manipulated, conned and gamed to the extent that most of the big search engines stopped using it as a process for ranking and finding pages. With that said, there are still remnants that are used in modern SEO. Title tags and meta description tags are a crucial part of making decent SEO. Aside from these exceptions, meta tags have all but been made redundant.

Keyword Stuffing
An incredibly popular misconception surrounding search engine optimisation is the usage of keyword stuffing. In short, this tactic involves cramming as many keywords into content as possible. This is believed to work on the idea that keyword density – the number of words a page contains over how many times the keyword appears – helps search engines decide what is popular and relevant. Search engines have confirmed that keyword density is not a metric used in ranking algorithms. The key to using keywords well is not to stuff in as many as possible. It is all about balance, usability and relevance. Make the keywords relevant and helpful to the reader, not just an afterthought to get people reading.

Search Engine Submission Services – A Thing Of The Past
The use of search engine submission forms are an ancient practice. Ever since the start of the 21st century, this method of SEO has been more or less defunct for a number of reasons. During the infancy of SEO, search engines would require submission forms if you wanted to have your website optimized. This meant filling out a form, submitting it and have the search engines bots index accordingly. By the turn of the millennium, this method was made redundant by crawl-based search engines. What this means, in short, is that if at any point you are offered a service such as search engine submission, stay away.

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