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Finding the right keywords for your advertising campaign can be difficult. How do you know which words will work for your business or audience? Which phrases will help bring more conversions? We’ve found the best tips to help you find the right keywords for your next SEO campaign.

Keep in mind the following advice from our experts…

1. Thinking Like a Customer


When you are creating your keyword list, think like your customers. What will they like to read or see? To do this, write down a list of what products or services you offer followed by any terms or phrases that could fall under those categories.

2. Specific Keywords to Specific Customers


Select specific keywords that will directly target specific audiences. When you use specific key words, you can make sure your ad only appears when those terms are used, which will allow for a very targeted ad campaign.

3. General Words Are Needed Too


Make sure to include niche relevant terms as well as specific terms. This will broaden your reach and potentially attract new visitors or customers. To find out which general words will work best, test it out to see which ones will give you the best results. Regardless of how general your keywords are, they must be relevant to your site and/or products or services. Just be sure to avoid duplicate phrases when you create your ad campaign.

4. Group Words Together


Separate your specific and general keywords into groups. This will help ensure the right audiences are targeted with the right ad campaigns. If you place all your keywords into one group, you could be showing an ad for ‘men’s evening shoes’ to those who have searched for ‘women’s tennis shoes’.

5. Choose the Right Amount


Make sure you choose the appropriate amount of keywords for your ad. You do not want it to be drenched in phrases, as it will not be readable or cohesive and advertising platforms frown upon this practice. It’s recommended to have 5-20 keywords within each keyword group. The keyword will automatically search for plurals and for misspellings so it is not necessary to add those to the list.

6. Make Them Relatable


Choose phrases that are relatable within larger markets and within your niche. Keywords that are related to each other, for example, shoes and socks, will be beneficial to broadening your audience and your search rankings.Facebook

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