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As technology becomes more and more portable and users are taking it with them, digital marketing has started to follow suit. The increased portability has meant that people are accessing and using online material and content even more than before. The increased interaction of users with online content has meant that consumers have started to organize the wealth of information available to ensure that others are only receiving the most important pieces.

People can share resources with each other either through email, social media or in person. This has led to the advent of viral marketing. Viral marketing is where marketing material becomes incredibly popular with viewers, who come to believe that material is worth sharing. In a sense, for digital marketing to work in the modern world, marketers are having to consider consumers as marketers themselves.

The problem for many modern digital marketers


Marketers are increasingly having to consider if the content they produce will have a similar effect. Will the content appeal to more than just a consumer’s desire to consume? Now, marketing campaigns need much more interaction than before. An article at McKinsey & Company highlights how consumers make use of more advanced technology to fast forward past adverts when they are watching TV shows either online or on the television itself. If advertising is unable to engage audiences for extended periods of time, those audiences will simply skip or avoid them.

The solution for many modern digital marketers


The most obvious solution to this is making sure that marketers are producing quality content which consumers find interesting and engaging. In a digital marketing survey of over 1,100 marketers from around the world, it was found that 52{7763190c2940bc922582f128c4646ce172bb5ab5f2af15fda6a3585effc19535} of marketers are trying to ensure they increase their knowledge of “customers’ needs, wants and attitudes”.

It has been suggested that “Marketing is going to become a much more science-driven activity”. This means an increased focus on ‘big data’ and research by companies and businesses. However, finding what works and what doesn’t is sometimes an expensive and long-term plan. Businesses have to invest in long-term marketing campaigns which are easily adaptable to market changes.

If companies want to ensure they manage to have maximum research with their campaigns, they need to make sure to use this data so that people will want to market their product. Not because of a sense of personal gain, but because of a belief and a sense of “belonging” to that product.

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