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We would love the opportunity to discuss your SEO requirements and dive in to strategy mode if in fact it is SEO that is the right service for your business. All of our highly trained SEO consultants are based in our Dubai office which is in Jumeriah Lake Towers. Our consultants offer 30 minutes of their time to provide free advice and love nothing more than talking to Marketing people and Business owners across Dubai and the UAE.

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Facebook Stats In Numbers

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Facebook has over 2.9 Billion active users
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Over 36% of the world’s population use Facebook Monthly
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Over 75% of Facebook’s users are active DAILY
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Facebook Is the most popular Social Media Platform for 35 - 44 year olds
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Facebook Users Spend an average of almost 20 hours per month on the platform
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5% if the average organic reach of Facebook posts making paid posts more important than ever.

What Can Facebook Marketing do for your business?

Here at USEO we offer both an Organic service and a Paid advertising service with Facebook’s platform. Posting organically is completely free of charge and plays an important role of keeping your business page active and relevant to ensure when potential customers find the page the overall impression of the business is a good one, the organic posts will reach a percentage of the people who currently ‘like’ or ‘follow’ the page, here at USEO we believe the organic posting on Facebook plays a very important role in the overall marketing strategy of a business.

The paid advertising service is one where certain offers, services, products or other types of post can be advertised to a much wider audience. At USEO we create a bespoke advertising strategy to suit every business which includes the full creation of posts and the development of audiences who are likely to be interested in the mentioned products or services.

What is an organic Facebook strategy and why is it important for brands?

Organic social content on Facebook is the perfect way to begin creating engagement and an online presence that will help cultivate a positive online consumer journey and repeat customers. Referring to posts, photos, videos and stories that are posted on the brand Facebook profile, organic Facebook social helps to solidify and cement your brands online status.

Organic Facebook marketing provides a huge opportunity to showcase your brand identity and personality through your own terms. Without the need to set a budget, you can provide a space where you can communicate with your followers, fans of the brand, potential customers and repeat consumers. All on one platform.

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The true power of using Facebook for your brand

Now a part of daily life and playing a massive part in the way people socialise, social media presents the opportunity to serve many purposes, including interacting with brands and other customers alike. Helping to connect people internationally, there are nearly 3 billion Facebook users across the world. It’s no wonder that many brands utlise the platform to inform, advertise and interact with customers globally.

Since 2004, Facebook has dominated social media platforms, and is still considered to have the greatest number of daily active users till today. Now implementing more dynamic methods of interaction, seen through the introduction of reels and stories, people are excited to share online through interesting ways, leading to record breaking levels of interaction. Although now up against many strong competitors including Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, this means Facebook still remains on top!

We are an Official Advertising partner Facebook marketing agency in Dubai.

This partnership enables the team at USEO to tap into the full support resources at Facebook HQ. It is common when starting new campaigns to encounter issues getting Ad’s approval especially with certain restrictions in place in Dubai and the UAE. As an official partner for Facebook marketing Dubai we are able to get your campaign’s up and running quickly and efficiently.

Content Production for Facebook Marketing.

We can support all of your content requirements whether it is content for organic posts or for the Ad’s. At USEO we have a full team of designers to create the visuals as well as photography and even videography, we have you covered!

A snapshot of the USEO social strategy

Personalised content that fits into the brand voice, including post, video and story creation.

Interact with users and followers to generate traction online through comments and replies.

Showcase services/ products through a unique strategy that will reach your intended audience.

We investigate consumer behaviour to ensure that we are targeting the right audiences for your market.

We base our custom audiences off of interests, demographics and behaviours and place ads in specific pages.

Our design team is able to create targeted posts that are interactive and interesting to the intended audience.

How do we help your paid Facebook strategy?

Our inhouse paid social team is data led and results driven. We want your campaign to reach a large audience who also convert into viable leads. Therefore, we take time to consider your brand and goals, to truly understand whether Facebook will work for you as a platform, and if so, through what methods.

Once we have solidified the benefits of using the platform for your campaign, we create bespoke Facebook strategies that fit inline with your end objectives. Specialising in creating feasible KPI’s and regular communication, we work with our Facebook representatives to create a campaign that is formed based on your end goal, whether that be raising brand awareness, brand consideration, or most importantly, increasing conversions.


Does Facebook advertising work?

IT does! With the right approach and correcting testing strategy advertising services and products through Facebook has proved to be a very successful platform for many users and marketers.

What is needed to start advertising on Facebook?

There are three main things require to begin advertising on Facebook. Firstly you will need to set up a Facebook business page, secondly a payment method would be required to enable Facebook to charge for the Ad’s, and lastly some visual content for the actual advert is required along with some written content to explain the offering. After this and assuming Facebook ads policies are not breached the advertising can begin!

Is it Expensive to run Facebook Ad’s?

Generally talking and comparing to other platforms, Facebook is not expensive. The budget can be fully controlled on a daily basis and Ad’s can be paused at any moment. When a particular budget is allocated to run the Ad’s Facebook will provide a potential audience reach which normally appears to great value in terms of the amount of people that could see an advert, after this is then down to the ROI to determine the overall expensive of running an advert on Facebook. As an agency we have witnessed some amazing success but also have found that certain products or services just don’t work on the Facebook platform.

Is Facebook still used in Dubai?

YES! Facebook still is responsible for almost 3 million active users across the globe. With social activity here in Dubai very high Facebook gets lots of that focus. With Instagram being equally a very popular choice the fact duel advertising on both platforms is now enabled, the whole idea surrounding advertising on the Meta platforms is a smart choice!

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