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Social media is a great way to market any business and more and more, companies are starting to realize it’s importance. Whilst print advertising is still around, some argue that it is quickly being replaced by digital forms of marketing. A part of this approach is the use of social media in order to connect with customers and users. This is done through websites such as FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Here are five reasons why digital marketing through social media is managing to get ahead.



Facebook alone has over 1.65 billion users. YouTube has over 1 billion. On top of that, there is a huge, and ever expanding, range of social media tools which more and more people are joining. This means that these platforms already have a huge audience that are ready for targeting.



Social media is generally designed to cater to the interests of its users. These interests do not just have to be from a list created by the designer. In the digital age, people are able to select and share their own likes and dislikes. This means that it’s even easier for them to find things they are interested in, and easier for marketers to target them.



Creating an account is simple, creating posts and sharing information is even more so. Social media can be quicker and cheaper than print advertising, meaning that more information can be shared in the same amount of time. In comparison, complex ad campaigns can take a lot of time and money,allowing for this newer tactic to be more cost-effective.



Posts are usually ordered based on when they were posted, but you can also organise them based on relevancy to a search, or within topics. The use of ‘tags’ to highlight important aspects of a post, mean that finding relevant results is even easier for users. If a user wants to find a certain service or product, it is now easier for marketers to reach them.



Feedback is an important part in seeing what works and what doesn’t. By using social media, users are able to respond to marketing campaigns, products and services, making their own opinions heard. This is important in making sure that the brand is what users want interact with.Faceboo

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