Osama S. -Nov 17, 2019

Good experience overall. However, I think campaign goals post 6 months must be monthly and tied to payment structure.

Najam A. -Nov 2, 2019

Great in terms of performance and service delivery.

Nicolas N. -Oct 16, 2019

Reliable and competent company with personalized service

Bhupinder M. -Oct 5, 2019

very reliable and satisfactory.keep up the good work!

hamad A. -Oct 3, 2019

Very patient with clients Delivering what been asked to do in a very creative way Good job, very satisfied Hamad Alkaabi Owner – Cosa Garden Center

Hussain B. -Sept 25, 2019

Its amazing!

Mays K. -Sept 20, 2019

Very committed and serious about your work.

Luke C. -Sept 08, 2019

A more personal approach when it comes to the monthly reports. yes I receive the report but it would be nice for someone to call me or even come to meet me to talk through the results of the SEO campaign from the previous month and what to expect in the next

Marie Y. -Sept 02, 2019

You have always exceeded above and beyond of what is expected. Keep it up!

Najam N. -Aug 22, 2019

Excellent. Warm and welcoming

Dr H. -Aug 06, 2019

Really great but please keep the good work up.

Osama A. -Aug 04, 2019

I am with you for last 3 years. I feel that I get for what I pay. you have a very nice and expert staff Mr Anas

Abdoulaziz D. -July 25, 2019

good so far

Nader S. -July 18, 2019


Bhupinder M. -July 10, 2019

– Satisfiied – keep up the good work 🙂

Tarik R. -July 03, 2019

Hi Simon, Sorry for taking bit of time to give feedback, I was waiting to have couple of weeks first. So far I’m very pleased with the service. Nabeel has done a very good job with our Google campaign. He is very knowledgeable, very helpful, open to suggestions and also speaks his mind, I really trust his advise. It is a pleasure working with him and I’m confident he will help my business forward.

Rawad. -June 27, 2019

It’s excellent experience.

Michael. -June 23, 2019

Hi Overall everything seems to be going OK with the campaign. One point we did have had to get access to back office twice since something was not done the first time, this is pretty time consuming. Cheers Bev

Bhupinder M. -June 10, 2019

As promised – very satisfied. Keep up the good work ! :)))) Good luck !

Shafiq. -June 03, 2019

We are happy with the way USEO is treating its customers. Mr Anas Shakeel is great guy

Leen H. -May 23, 2019

Very efficient and prompt. Especially Anas.

Hady O. -May 18, 2019

Good experience. The account manager Wali is very good and communicates often and effectively. He is also very eager to help and goes out of his way to do extra things for us which really is not part of his job. We of course appreciate it very much. I gave it an 8 because we started of slow but eventually got to where we wanted to be. I would have gave it a 10 had we gotten there faster.

Saeed S. -May 12, 2019

Very good and would be excellent if it was updated quarterly Good job keep it up

Eyad. -May 06, 2019

it is good in general but we were disappointed with our experience with google adds words and how Harish react in a very unfriendly way that shows lack in handling clients one the design of the land page but so far we will continue to deal with you and looking to develop our relation

Arthur G. -April 22, 2019

Highly recommended service!

Omer M. -April 16, 2019

With the many competitors in the SEO and online/social media marketing fields, it’s hard to separate one company from the next. However, the service we receive through Anas Shakeel seems to justify sticking with United SEO. He does a great job of explaining and attending to all of our requirements regardless of how petty they may sometimes be! Thanks and we do recommend United SEO to other parties.

Rosan R. -April 08, 2019

Great assistance everytime by James Dodd

Rameez. -March 21, 2019

Great service and very supportive account managers to work with.

Farouk N. -March 19, 2019

Great service, going extra to satisfy the client,understand client requirements,

Firas A. -March 12, 2019

I Like it, we hade good improvements, hope to get more .

Mylene B. -March 09, 2019

I am quite impress with the services provided. Anas Shakeel is handling our SEO, he’s very professional, responsible, supportive and committed to achieve the results we expect. I am more than happy for the services he accorded to us. USEO way of delivering the services to it’s clients is undoubtedly excellent!

Charlotte. -March 03, 2019

Great. Love the team.

Patrick V. -March 01, 2019

all good thanks, James is very helpful and we meet once every two months or so to look at the data. It is quite costly though, other are cheaper but again then you have to start from scratch. I think our contract is due for renewal soon.please see if you can do something about the price. Thanks for sending the form

Joseph. -Feb 26, 2019

I have been using their service for the last 3 years and they are great at their commitment and have solution for our requirements. Simon and James been always supportive. James is very prompt and hardworking. Nabeel is looking after our PPC. I would say their team work and efforts have been helped us to improve our online presence and growth of our business. I am happy to recommend USEO. keep the good work and All The Best.

Eunice. -Feb 19, 2019

People from USEO are very friendly and helpful. And we appreciate how Mr. Baset, our Account Manager, calls us from time to time to see how we’re doing, give updates on our campaign and suggests ways to improve it.

Parvez K. -Feb 05, 2019

still need more time as of now good service

Omo. -Feb 04, 2019

Have been using USEO for almost 3years now and I have to say it has been a pleasant experience.great value for money in terms of marketing and they are very efficient.thanks to the team for helping my business grow.highly recommended.

gamil G. -Jan 29, 2019

Outstanding experience, results & customer support. Will for sure recommend it to colleagues and friends

Farouk N. -Jan 25, 2019

Great experiance from a great team supported by a very professional Management.

Osama A. -Jan 20, 2019

We deal with professional Person. Excellent follow up. You know how to be close with customer satisfaction.

Bhupinder M. -Jan 16, 2019

Very effective. Keep up the good work. Good luck!

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