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Danielle Smith has grown a coaching business here on the region and specializes in one to one personal coaching. In the chaos of modern life, with the ever-present pressure to perform your role at work and home, your personal dreams and ambitions can get lost. Professional life coaching in Dubai helps you to create the time to reflect on what is truly important and move towards your real goals.

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  • Year2021
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The Challenge

A deep dive into the most relative and searched for key phrases identified opportunity within the organic results. A small 10 keyword campaign was designed targeting only one service and launched very quickly. Within 6 months, Google fell in love with Danielle Smith Coaching and established top three position results for all key phrases on page one generating lots lots of relevant traffic and with time a consistent flow of enquiries.


With a new brand in a competitive market place (coaching) in the middle of a pandemic, the main challenge was to increase the website presence on Google for the 1,000’s of searches that happen in the UAE every month. Google Adwords was not an option therefore the challenge was to create strategy to begin generating traffic and enquiries through the site, organically within the 6 month launch


Organic Traffic & Lead

Start Current Position
Life Coach Dubai 99 1
Life Coach 99 1
Career Coach 99 1
Personal Life Coach Dubai 99 1


From the very first moment I was in touch with United SEO they have impressed me. Within minutes of making the enquiry via their website, somebody contacted me. They were very knowledgeable and took the time to listen and answer the many questions I had in a friendly and professional manner.

I was impressed by their technical knowledge and their transparency about what SEO could mean to my business. Even though I run a small business they made me feel I was important to them and that they cared about my success.

They have been very honest and upfront explaining that SEO is a timely investment, and it would take 9 months to a year to start to see real results, however after a couple of months my results were already beyond my expectations. After around 3 months of working with them, most of my keywords landed on the number one or two position on google search. Now around 9 months later I have a steady number one ranking and leads that I have converted to paying clients have been coming through to me regularly, sooner than expected. What I really appreciated is that they go above and beyond helping me. I had an unexpected problem which had nothing do with them, but they helped guide me through the issue and and advised me. I felt they cared for me and my business as if it was their own.

Apart from the results which exceed all expectations, I truly love working with them for the extra miles they go for their clients.

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